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American Millennial: Generation WTF

Through interviews with subject matter experts, community leaders, various generations and qualified individuals, the film will delve into the identity and ethos of the millennial generation. Civic pride, spirituality, legal issues, financial affairs and education are just a few of the topics to be touched on.Sexuality, politics, the opiate epidemic, the economic downturn and even negative stereotypes about millennials will be addressed.The important thing is that each individual share their experience as a millennial or any other generation or expert. Through shared experiences the film aims to clarify just what a millennial is in terms of character, ethics and beliefs.

Coming Fall 2019

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Heritage Family Videos

Heritage Family Video takes your old photos, film and footage and combines it with interviews of friends, family and loved ones to create a truly unique film about your life story for you and future generations.  Each film is unique to the individual and tells the story of your life in full HD.  For more information go to

Behind The Lens: A PC&E Story

*Official Selection at the Atlanta Independent Film Festival.

*WinnerBest Local Feature Documentary at the 2016 Atlanta International Documentary Festival (DocuFest)
Official Selection at the 2016 Atlanta International Documentary Festival (DocuFest)

Produced, Directed, Written, Edited and Colored By Nick Theriot

This documentary takes a look at an Atlanta filmmaking icon, PC&E. Whether it is commercial or feature films, PC&E has provided the best lighting, camera, grip and sound stage services to Atlanta for over 30 years. Highlighted is the impact of PC&E on local filmmaking, how the company was founded and how they are making a difference, one person and one production at a time.