Pharma-Tech: Adobe Captivate 6

From Communicating Through Pharma Training, June 2012
Nick Theriot
Communications Manager
PharmaDigital Communication

With the much anticipated mid-June release of Adobe Systems’ CS6, the focus of attention is to the suite’s HTML5 capabilities.

“Captivate 6 gives subject matter experts and content creators the ability to deliver eLearning content to mobile devices that is as robust and interactive as the content delivered to desktops,” said Naresh Gupta, senior vice president, Print and Publishing, Adobe.

The CS6 program with the biggest need for the HTML5 to work is Captivate. Adobe has made Captivate CS6 a robust, multiple-output platform for taking e-learning mobile and beyond. Also offered, is a cloud-based version that helps with file and team management. Not to mention adding HD video support and various other enhancements, this seems to be a winner, right?

I wish the answer were a resounding yes, but it looks like the jury is out and the final verdict on Captivate CS6 will take time. Adobe claims its HTML5 is good to go out of the box, but the buzz with developers is a collective, “okay, let’s wait and see.”

Proving themselves will be tough, especially with the recent release of Ariculate’s Storyline and the rising popularity of the Web-based Claro by Domiknow. Both offer most all of the features that CS6 has, but now it seems to be a race between developers to see which on of these three will become the new industry standard.

With that said, developers and programmers will differ and I’m certain there will still be devoted fans to each product. I’m most interested to see which program is left by the wayside. Is this possibly the end of Adobe’s short-lived but exponential rise to popularity in the e-learning market? Or will Captivate 6 pull through this time with HTML5 compatibility— unlike its predecessor CS5.5 and the Wallaby fiasco.

Time will tell whether CS6 will make waves in the industry. Next month, we will interview Luke Hickey, of domiKnow, the maker of web-based Claro, and see how his product stacks up against Captivate 6 in the HTML5 arena. Adobe has created a good product, but with so much competition, it’s anybody’s guess as to who will come out on top.