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November 28, 2011 — PharmaDigital Communication

PharmaDigital is using Adobe Connect as our “tool of choice” for web based meetings. Many of our pharmaceutical clients are also using Adobe Connect for their sales training needs. To call this a virtual meeting or online webinar tool is vastly understating the capabilities of this product. Simply put, when used efficiently, it will increase profits by maximizing your learner’s scarce resource of “time”. The “face time” earned through an Adobe Connect session is a complement, not a full replacement, to in-house training. Our clients are requesting that we develop Adobe Connect training to decrease time spent training at headquarters and to also enhance the remaining in-house learning.

In our business environment, a web based meeting is certainly not the same as a handshake, or by any means a traditional method of sales training. That’s the best part, and exactly where Adobe hits the nail on the head. What one can deliver to the learner, through Flash based applications and “pods”, will have a strong impression upon your learners. With a bit of time and practice, the technical proficiency of your organization can be boosted tenfold by using all the capabilities of Connect.

What about the iPad and web meetings? This is a question we hear often. PharmaDigital can enable your organization to maximize Connect on the iPad. Even better, Connect can enable you to run a meeting from an iPad. Imagine that you need to lead a meeting and you only have your iPad available? Take a look at this demo from Adobe to learn more about how you can not only attend a meeting on the iPad, you can now “lead” a meeting from the iPad.
Click Here For Adobe Connect Demo

Audio sharing, video camera sharing, file sharing- even instant messaging- these are all standard options for a Connect meeting. Spanning the entire communication spectrum, Adobe Connect allows users to engage the audience with breath-taking content. If used for an internal meeting or a sales training session, Adobe Connect serves up plenty of options for data mining. Mini-assessments, polls, and pods can provide quantitative audience metrics. For qualitative results, the entire meeting can be recorded and reviewed for sound bites and even visual cues of individual participants.

As per Adobe’s high standards of customer service, there is an entire library of information, tips, directions and videos available through the Adobe website. No matter what side of the presentation you are on, if Connect is involved, it certainly will be time well spent.

If you need support for your web based training, please give us a call at 908.451.5653 and ask for Nick Theriot. We have an expert who has developed over one hundred web based training meetings for a top pharmaceutical company.
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Nick Theriot
Communications Manager
PharmaDigital Communications