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March 13, 2012
By: Nick Theriot

We recently had the opportunity to test out Adobe Captivate’s HTML5 Conversion tool. As you know, last year Adobe hit a home run with Captivate 5.5. Teamed with the Adobe Creative Suite, this eLearn application possesses the power to harness all forms of media and package them into virtually any platform. From the latest in Flash to HTML5 output, it seems there is almost nothing the designers left out in this version of Captivate.
At least that’s the gist of Adobe’s selling points. In reality, the HTML5 output is far from perfect and could render a great program useless in the marketplace if not updated and corrected soon.

Aside from having the standard Adobe interface, the product is more or less self-contained. It allows for audio and video creation within the program but also allows the integration of other Adobe applications to edit or create content. The SCORM and test result tallying abilities are built in. With a few clicks, you can have a question pool of any size ready to go. Adobe allows for the customization of nearly every aspect of the eLearn project. Want background music? Just drag and drop. Want the music to pause, mute or lower in volume for a spoken word slide? Not a problem – again, it’s a case of Adobe’s easy graphical user interface and a little bit of practical computing knowledge.

For advanced eLearn developers, this is where the rubber hits the road. Cross platform use is nearly identical. The only downside is that the conversion program for HTML5 works on Windows-based operating systems only. However, checking the official Adobe forums and other popular user forums, it seems that a production Mac/PC conversion tool is soon on its way. In short, Wallaby, the codename for the experimental converter, can do some things but not everything. It takes a skilled HTML5 coder to get the job done. It would be so nice to have Adobe address the lackluster HTML5 conversion tool.

The bottom line, Adobe Captivate 5.5 is a solid player as an eLearn development tool. The HTML5 converter, however, is not yet ready for prime time.

Take a quick look at the official Captivate site and try the free 30-Day trial.
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