SPBT 2011: A Pharma Training Turning Point

October 30, 2011 — PharmaDigital Communications

By: Nick Theriot

PharmaDigital, now in our fifth year of business, presented our services in at SPBT in Orlando, Florida. The meeting was a success! Attendance may not have been at the highs of previous years, but the meeting produced a valuable exchange of information. Most important, it was an opportunity to meet prospective clients and interface with current clients.

On hand was Jim Morris, President of PharmaDigital, along with Karen Allen, Lead Project Manager for PharmaDigital. Three VP’s of Account Management also attended- Jerry Clor, Bill Lycett and Jerry Hickey. All are pharmaceutical veterans who have served a number of industry leaders as both employees and training vendors. Karen Allen, Project Manager, provided a state of the art multimedia booth experience. A 27” iMac was on hand to show the power of PharmaDigital training products in real time.

SPBT is an excellent opportunity to discover client needs and what they are experiencing in today’s market. Meeting customers gives us an opportunity to partner with clients and achieve their learning goals, while minimizing challenges and creating an effective learning program for the training manager to deliver.

“As a project manager, in a teleconference world, it’s great to meet face-to-face. Especially those individuals I’ve partnered with and worked toward a common goal,” said Karen Allen.

Each year SPBT brings surprises, and this year was no exception. In an industry that is experiencing considerable consolidation, training departments are feeling the effects. Smaller staff, tighter budgets and an increased demand for new and up to date training programs drives PharmaDigital to find new ways of delivering important information to our stakeholders. We find that we must rely on digital and web-based training to provide content to our learning audience.

Jerry Clor, Account Management VP, emphasizes the ever-changing nature of our industry— “Our market is becoming more complicated. That provides significant challenges to training. In order to meet new budgetary and cost challenges we must apply careful methodology to provide training within the right venue, at the right time.”

A definite win for PharmaDigital, we made connections with most of the companies attending. Our booth was a hit and received a considerable amount of traffic. The big winner of our Kindle prize was Mike Kartman, Associate Director, Oncology Sales Training at Cephalon. PharmaDigital looks forward to next year’s conference and intends to make an even larger impact and establish more long-lasting connections.